Shine online and make your business thrive

In the past, marketing was simple. You paid for adverts, you listed your business, and your customers took notice of you. If you did a great job, word spread and your business grew.

Then the whole world moved online, and everything changed. People got tired of being interrupted. People stopped reading ads, left direct mail unopened, added their numbers to the Do Not Call register and turned to Google or social media for advice and recommendations.

Suddenly, you needed a whole new approach to promoting your business. You had to find time to master new tactics, while keeping business running smoothly and all the balls in the air. You found yourself scrambling to keep up, struggling for knowledge and fighting to be heard above the babble.

You discovered that to thrive in today’s noisy world of global markets and interconnecting networks you have to be noticed online. And to get noticed and stand out, you need to be remarkable.

That’s why we created Cloud Marketing Services.

To be your friend, guide and partner in the fast-moving online world. To help you harness the power of the internet, reach new clients, and make your business grow.

A close-knit team of five exceptional professionals, we share a passion for nurturing growing businesses. We base everything we do on our unshakable values: transparency and simplicity and integrity and collaboration.

We form lasting partnerships with our clients, taking the time to understand you and the unique challenges you face. We design customised, individual solutions to overcome those challenges, creating tailored strategies and exceptional content to captivate your specific audience. And we walk with you on the journey – every step of the way.


Casey-Lightbody-2x3_clean (3)We’re led by Casey Lightbody, a global marketing strategist with 15 years’ industry experience and deep insight into consumer behaviour.

Casey has proven time and again, in her own businesses and her clients’, that understanding and caring for customers is the key to business success. Recognising the power of inbound marketing she has spent hundreds of hours studying systems and testing the results, with incredible success.

In 2012, seeing the critical need within the professional services sector for online marketing knowledge, Casey launched Cloud Marketing Services to provide expert advice, guidance and support. Since then Cloud Marketing Services has become treasured partner and advisor to many growing professional service businesses across the legal, accounting, HR and training industries to name a few.

Our goal is to make you unforgettable

To help you build a compelling online presence, engage your target audience and showcase your expertise. And above all, to see your business thrive.